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We are sorry, but your files have been encrypted!

Don't worry, we can help you to return all of your files!

Files decryptor's price is 6000 USD

If payment isn't made until 2018-05-21 05:15:50 UTC the cost of decrypting files will be doubled

Amount was doubled!

Time left to double price:

What the matter?

Your computer has been infected with GandCrab Ransomware. Your files have been encrypted and you can't decrypt it by yourself.
In the network, you can probably find decryptors and third-party software, but it won't help you and it only can make your files undecryptable

What can I do to get my files back?

You should buy GandCrab Decryptor. This software will help you to decrypt all of your encrypted files and remove GandCrab Ransomware from your PC.
Current price: $6,000.00. As payment, you need cryptocurrency DASH or Bitcoin

What guarantees can you give to me?

You can use test decryption and decrypt 1 file for free

What is cryptocurrency and how can I purchase GandCrab Decryptor?

You can read more details about cryptocurrency at Google or here.
As payment, you have to buy DASH or Bitcoin using a credit card, and send coins to our address.

How can I pay to you?

You have to buy Bitcoin or DASH using a credit card. Links to services where you can do it: Dash exchanges list, Bitcoin exchanges list
After it, go to our payment page Buy GandCrab Decryptor, choose your payment method and follow the instructions